Home Sweet Home

May 30, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I HATE moving.  And since I’ve graduated from college, the longest I’ve ever spent in one place is 2 years (for a while, I was moving EVERY year).  Moving is exhausting and makes me really take a look at how much stuff I have acquired over time, lots of which I don’t use!

When Michael and I found out we were pregnant with twins, we were living in a 3rd floor walk-up apartment that didn’t have laundry.  We quickly realized as I started getting bigger from growing humans, that this was not going to be an ideal situation.  Carrying twins up and down stairs sounded like a nightmare, but dealing with laundry on the floor below us was down-right terrifying!  Luckily we lived in a complex that was under AMAZING management.  The property manager worked so hard to get us into 1st floor unit with 2 bedrooms, and when one opened up, we were first on the list.   This unit didn’t have laundry, but again…the amazing management went out of their way and installed new laundry hook ups for us.  Now THAT is customer service!  We were so blessed to live in this apartment complex for 4 years.  That 1st floor apartment was where we brought our little ladies home from the NICU.  It’s where they rolled over, talked and walked for the first time.  We have so many fond memories from our time there, but as the girls got older, we were running out of space.  That meant is was time to house hunt!

Now, my husband is a real estate attorney so we went into the process with a little leg up in that department, but let me tell you…house hunting is no joke.  I was so excited to look at houses but was so overwhelmed!  Our lease was ending and we really wanted to be in a house before I started my school year.  Well, that didn’t happen.  We were hesitant to put offers on houses that we just “liked” but didn’t love.  A house is a HUGE decision and neither Michael nor I wanted to pull the trigger.  So we kept looking.  Michael found a house that he thought had potential but it was a foreclosure and had been vacant for a while.  When we walked in, I immediately fell in love and told Michael to put in an offer!  It had everything we wanted…a big yard, finished basement, more than enough bedrooms, an office space and an open floor plan.  WIN!  It does have some cosmetic issues but nothing that a little paint and power wash can’t fix.  So in the middle of September, we moved into our new home!  We have been slowly working on little projects here and there.  The new floors are being installed the week of June 12th and we can’t wait.  My problem is, I start on a project and then jump to a new one…then a new one…then a new one…you get the point!  So we have most of the bedrooms “almost” done, but none “completely” done.  Oh well!! We’ll get there eventually.  I’m most excited about the thought of not having to move for a while!!

Here are a few shots of the one room that is closest to being done: The Guest Room!  As we keep updating rooms I’ll share more, but for now enjoy!


I made the book wreath from a youtube link I found! It’s my favorite part of the room!


I didn’t like the closet set up so I removed the shelving, and put the TV and stand in there.  This room is the smallest of the bedrooms, so it saved some space!