A Kids Portrait Session | Galgan Kids

June 7, 2017

First let me apologize for my absence recently!  I came down with a HORRIBLE flu and was out of commission for a few days.  Its been a struggle getting back into the swing of things, so thank you for your patience!! Now on to the blog!

One of the (many) perks of having twins is an AMAZING network of other moms who also have twins.  I’m a member of the Lake County Mothers of Twins group and it has been such a blessing to me during those times when I ask myself “Can I do this? Is this normal? What do I do now?!” These moms are so special to me!  As I was thinking how I could start my business, get some practice and build my portfolio, this group came to mind.  How perfect would it be if I could bless some fellow twin families with portrait sessions for free or by donation and build my portfolio at the same time!  So I went for it!  I posted in our Facebook group and the support I received was so overwhelming.  I booked 6 sessions with fellow twin mommas and this was my first!

The Galgan kids were my first “kid’s only” session and oh. my. gosh. it was so fun!  I don’t think these kids ever stopped moving!!  This family has an older son, and a younger set of boy/girl twins.  We had so much fun running around and the kids were pretty easy on me!! 🙂 You can definitely tell their goofy personalities in these pictures!!  I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of these sessions with you!!Forest-Preserve-Kids_0019Forest-Preserve-Kids_0020

These kids are so funny!!! The love they have for each other is so clear in the way they play and interact!Forest-Preserve-Kids_0021Forest-Preserve-Kids_0022

This silly/sweet girl STOLE my heart.  Look at those eyes!!!Forest-Preserve-Kids_0023