A Maternity Session | The McIntyre Family

June 30, 2017

My husband has known Steve and Danielle from their days at Northern Illinois University.  When I was introduced to them, I knew Danielle and I would become great friends and I was right.  Here’s a little story:

It was the weekend of Danielle’s bachelorette party.  It was one of the first weekends that I would be away from the girls and while I knew I would miss them, I was really looking forward to spending time with friends.  Danielle’s best friends had rented a house in Lake Geneva and has such a fun weekend planned complete with belly dancing lessons, and a fajita night! The house was amazing and had a 50’s vibe (Danielle is OBSESSED with Elvis…there was even an Elvis impersonator at their wedding that sang to them!).  People start arriving, pizzas were being cooked, manicures were being done…life is good, right?  Well, not so much for me.  I start not feeling well.  The other girls end up heading out on the town, and I stayed back to get some sleep and hopefully feel better.  I wish!  I ended up with a horrible flu and was getting sick all night 🙁  I ended up driving home the next morning and I was so sad!!  The good news is that they all had such a fun weekend and we made up for it at the wedding 🙂 We’ve certainly had some great times together and its made even easier because we live about 5-10 minutes away!!

Then Steve and Danielle got pregnant and I offered to take their maternity pictures.  This was the first session I did after taking a posing course that has changed my business!!  After shooting this session, I was SO proud of myself!! I really started to feel things coming together and getting a message from Danielle after I posted a sneak peak telling me how much she loved them….It was music to my ears!!  And this girl was a trooper!! It was COLD during this shoot and you would never know it by these images.  Steve was so attentive during the session, making sure she had a blanket covering her when we weren’t shooting, holding her hand as she was rocking it in those wedges, and serving her as best he could.  I’ve always known how much they love each other, but seeing in manifested in this way, during this season of life, was something I’ll never forget.  I hope you enjoy this session and this adorable baby bump!!

*Steve and Danielle welcomed baby boy Beau on June 15th and he is just the cutest!!  I hope to share more of baby boy soon!




This detail shot is one of my FAVORITES!!  Its the baby’s heartbeat engraved on the necklace!!


This light was to die for!!!