A Beach Session | The Jessup Family

A few months ago, Michael and I decided that this summer would be the first of many family vacations.  The only thing we needed to decide on was when and where.  We chose Topsail Island, North Carolina for a few reasons, one of those being that we love the beach and wanted the girls to experience the ocean, and another because a lot of my extended family vacation there and RAVE about it.  So the search commenced to find the perfect home away from home for our family.  Michael sent me SO many options and it was pretty overwhelming!  We put if off for a couple weeks, and then Michael called out of the blue and told me he booked our place!  It was absolutely perfect!  4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and most importantly, RIGHT on the beach.  Literally.  You open the back door, walk 50 feet and sink your toes in the sand.  Perfection!  We decided to go over the 4th of July holiday because with Michael’s work schedule, he didn’t have to take as many vacation days.  When word got around my family that we were vacationing at Topsail, my cousin Amber (read about her maternity session here!) mentioned that another one of my extended family were vacationing there the same week!!  Completely unplanned, but turned out to be so special!

My cousin Ben, his wife Kelly, and their boys, Asa, Eli and Markus were vacationing just north of us with their parents!  When I found this out, I immediately texted Kelly to make plans, one of which was to have an extended family photoshoot!!  It was so nice to see some family on vacation  (and invade their pool!).  So on the night before we left, we headed to the beach to take some pictures!  I just love how these turned out!!

It’s nice to be home, but looking back at these, I have to admit I’m longing for my toes in the sand! I guess we’ll have to wait until next summer!

Beach Family_0080Beach Family_0078Beach Family_0079Beach Family_0077Beach Family_0082


1 thought on “A Beach Session | The Jessup Family”

  1. Great blog about, Jill. Hands on and visual experiences are the best learning tools. Good luck and I know you will do well. Love you, Aunt Tanya


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