A Mentoring Session with Jill Gum

July 17, 2017

I’ve waited a few weeks to write this blog post because it was hard for me to find the right words.  I’ve decided that if I wait to find the words to describe this perfect experience, I would NEVER write it!

When I started this business, I knew I would need some help getting to the level that I strive to be.  I’ve purchased some courses that have helped me, but knowing my personality and how I learn, hands on and in person was going to take me much further. This is where Jill comes in!  Jill and I went to college together, sang in the same choir and were the same major (vocal music education).  After graduation, we lost touch as our lives went different paths and our interaction consisted of following each other on social media!  Fast forward a few years and Jill now has the AMAZING photography business, specializing in weddings. (Click to check out her website: Jill Gum Photography)  She was able to build her business, while being a choir/musical director (which is nothing short of super human…trust me!).  Now she’s a full time photographer, which gives her so much flexibility to be home with her little ones…my DREAM,

One of my favorite things about Jill is her commitment to “community over competition”.  Jill has an educational component to her business that I hope to emulate one day.  She holds workshops for other photographers to help them with their business model and technical skill.  She also does one-on-one mentoring sessions, which brings me to my point.  I KNEW I needed to have a session with Jill.  I KNEW it would help take my business to the next level and give me some direction on how to reach my goals and dreams.  I love everything about Jill’s style.  Her photos have so much love and genuine emotion; her light, bright and clean editing style is gorgeous!  But more than that, Jill is probably one of the sweetest women I have ever known (and we’ve known each other a long time!).

This mentoring session was nothing short of perfection.  I could go on and on about everything I learned from Jill, and how much she helped me realize that I could actually do this for a living, but I will spare those details (and keep some for myself to announce later!!).  One of the highlights from my weekend with Jill was being able to shoot a wedding with her!! I am working on that blog post as we speak, so make sure you come back tomorrow to read about my experience 🙂

To Jill: Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to dream.  Thank you for giving me tools to help me reach my goals.  And most important, thank you for being such an amazing role model and friend!

Headshots by my talented friend, Jill Gum.