An Anniversary Session | John and Stefanie

July 31, 2017

I’ve known Stefanie for a couple years now.  We met through our local twins group (she’s a fellow twin mama!!) and became instant friends!  We love having play dates in the summer and my kids adore her kids.  Here are a few things I know about Stefanie:

  1. She LOVES horses.  Her horse, Tootsie, would live in their house if she could get away with it.
  2. She loves the country, but is in suburbia at the moment.  One of her dreams is to own a farm and have every farm animal one can imagine living on her property (seriously, we’ve talked about her wanting to put chickens in her suburbia back yard so she can have fresh eggs!)
  3. She works for a health company called Usana and I can say first hand, their products are pretty awesome and delicious!
  4. Her mom is also pretty darn amazing and helps John and Stefanie frequently!
  5. ….most important….John and Stefanie are still madly in love, going on 5 years!

When my parents told me they wanted to come for a visit from Ohio, my mom mentioned she wanted me to teach her some things about photography.  It was perfect because she just got her new camera and I want to add an educational component to my business at some point.  This gave me a chance to teach my mom some things, and for her to learn about her camera!  Part of that process was taking my mom to a session with me so she could see how it all works!  I immediately contacted Stefanie to see if she (and John) would model for us!

The timing of this session worked out perfect because John and Stefanie will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary in August!  I’m so happy I could capture some of their love and teach my mom some things too!


Love these 2 pictures my mom took!