A Family Session | The Marasco Family

September 11, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet family right as school was starting!  As a fellow teacher, this mama knew how stressful and exciting the beginning of the school year can be and we hit it off right away.  One of the most memorable highlights of this session was how AMAZING these kids were!  I realized that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to work with older children, without younger, toddler siblings around!  We were able to get really creative and try new things and I LOVED how they turned out!  Also, little man here was about to lose one of his teeth :).

I so enjoyed this end of summer session and those sunflowers were to die for!  Enjoy!Morasco_0007Morasco_0008Morasco_0009Morasco_0010Morasco_0011

One of my FAVORITE photos I’ve ever taken, below on the left!