Twin Tuesday | My Baby Girls are 3!!

October 3, 2017

How did this happen?  How did my sweet, tiny, babies turn 3?!  I’m really going to need time to slow down a little, because I just can’t keep up.  I was a huge mess this weekend, as we’ve had so many changes.  The girls started pre-school, and it has been such a good thing for them socially!  I’ve seen them grow from week to week and I absolutely LOVE that they come home from each day with art work!  I never thought I could love scribbles on a paper so much, until Madelyn and Charlotte hand them to me with such proud smiles!

Another thing about me…I love planning parties.  Seriously.  I need to be a party planner full time because it just brings me so much joy! I started planning the girls’ first birthday when the were 6 months old!  We had a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” theme complete with Tiffany box centerpieces (that I handmade), a sparkled dessert table and a photo shoot at the Tiffany’s store for their invitations.

For their second birthday party, we did a “Tea for Two” theme (see what I did there…there are 2 of them…and they turned 2).  I thought I was SO clever!  This party was craziness unlike I’ve ever known, because we had only been in our house for 7 days before we hosted about 45 people.  This party featured teacup centerpieces, lots of chocolate and the girls had the cutest little floral dresses!

Now, we’re all caught up!

This year, the girls have been obsessed with Moana! (what little kid isn’t these days!) I just love the story and music and can basically recite the whole movie since we watch it approximately 5 times a day.  Because I’m not crazy about “character” parties, I decided to blend the Moana theme with a Luau theme and I was SO happy with the results.  We had real pineapple centerpieces with palm leaves and leis, “Heart of Te Fiti” cookies, Sand Pudding, “Tomatoa” cupcakes, and a bounce house!  We’ve never had so many little ones in our home, and that bounce house saved our lives.  All the kids were contained in one location instead of running around inside the house.  We had beautiful weather and so many of our family and friends came to shower love on our beautiful little girls.

Also a HUGE thank you to my husband, Michael for manning the grill, keeping us all fed and overall supporting my crazy party vision (he doesn’t even question my themes anymore!!). He’s a keeper!

Enjoy some pictures from the girls first few days of school, their first and second birthday, and a few of the desert table this year!

Here is a little walk down memory lane!

*First day of School!!

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*Birthday party pictures by John Petrovic

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*First birthday pictures by Lori Booth Photography

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*Second Birthday Party | Tea for Two!

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*Third Birthday Party | Moana/Luau Celebration!

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