Twin Tuesday- Big Girl Bed | Big Girl Dreams

January 9, 2018

This past winter break nearly knocked the entire family on our bums.  So. Much. Sickness!!  After croup, a flu breakout, upper respiratory infections to go around, Madelyn was diagnosed with pneumonia!!  I seriously couldn’t make this up if I tried.  Thankfully after a few dose of anti-biotics, Madelyn seems to be bouncing back, which brings me to my next home improvement project.  Big Girl Beds!!!

We have been so very lucky that our girls have never tried to climb out of their cribs, and I know MANY of my friends curse me behind my back (kidding!!).  I would always joke that the girls would be in cribs until Kindergarten, but I know that’s not reality.  As nice as it was having the girls contained for so long, I knew they were ready to make the transition, even if I wasn’t.  I knew Madelyn especially would love her big girl bed and I was right!  She gets all cozy under her 3 layers of blankets and passes out, whereas Charlotte has a little more spunk.  She’s the one that rolls all around, and ends up sleeping with one foot hanging off the edge! We ended up going with full size mattresses because their cribs convert into a head and foot board when we’re ready, but for now we have them on the floor.  That way if one of them (Charlotte) does fall off, the chances they will be hurt are much less.

As I was packing away the cribs, I got so emotional! It brought me back to when I had to pack up those preemie and newborn clothes. It feels like the end of a era and it makes me reflect on how wonderful our lives have been since these little girlfriends have joined our family.  We are so blessed to be their parents and I can’t wait to see what this next chapter will hold.

I took a few pictures to highlight some of my favorite features of their rooms!  Enjoy!

Below:  Charlottes room: Sassy sea of mint, navy and coral! One of my favorite quotes, paper flowers I made by hand, and a really cute cat model!  I also refinished that dresser from a $10 thrift store find.  


Below: Still working on what to put on the wall by Charlottes bed, but I love her bedding!


Below: I made that “C: by hand when I was pregnant.  It was in their nursery and even though it doesn’t fit Charlotte’s colors perfectly, I had to display it! Also, that blanket was made by our nanny as part of the girls Christmas present!


Below: Each of the girls have this clock in their room.  The teddy bear is especially sentimental because it’s made from a shirt that Michael’s grandma wore before she passed away.


Below: Ignore the grubby finger prints on the box!  I made each of the girl a memory box and at their first birthday party, I had people write them notes that they can read on their eighteenth birthday! 


Madelyns Room: A whimsical world of pink and white!


Love the art work from Hobby Lobby!


Below: My FAVORITE part of Madelyn’s room!  I found these prints on sale at Meijer and had to buy both!  The right looks like Madelyn and the left looks like Charlotte!


Below: Here is a look at the entire set up.  The “M” I hand made for their nursery and it fits this theme perfectly!


Below: Madelyn’s new favorite place, her bed!


Below: Her comforter has tiny gold detailing. 


Below: Madelyn’s box full of sweet note from friends that she can open on her eighteenth birthday!