Wedding Wednesday | Country Inspired

January 10, 2018

I’m a little behind on blogging about the weddings I did this summer because…life, but I HAD to get this up on the site!  This perfect country-rustic wedding was on a beautiful private property with a pond and some gorgeous trees.  Jes did a wonderful job with all the little details, including tons of twinkle lights on the trees and an even a lantern lighting ceremony in the evening.  Witnessing the love that Jason and Jes’ friends showed them throughout the day was to touching.  The maid of honor was SO attentive to Jes’ needs and let me tell you…it was so HOT outside.  For a late September wedding, northern Illinois got hit with a massive heat wave and it was probably in the 90’s.  But nothing was going to keep this love story from playing out.

One of my favorite moments, was when Jason pulled out a fishing rod!!  Jes told him he was allowed ONE CAST on the wedding day, and he totally made it count.  On the FIRST TRY, he pulls a fish out of the water.  None of us could believe it!!  It was hilarious and so impressive 🙂

I hope you enjoy these images of their special day!

*All images taken while second shooting for Dugan ImagingCountryRustic_0065CountryRustic_0074CountryRustic_0066CountryRustic_0064CountryRustic_0067CountryRustic_0070CountryRustic_0069CountryRustic_0068CountryRustic_0073CountryRustic_0072

Such great personalities!! Look at these 2 photos 🙂 On the left: “Hey!  Look at my boots!!” On the right:  “Look!  I caught a fish!”  So much fun!!