A Senior Session | Rose and Teagon

When I got into photography, one of my dreams was to photograph my students for their senior pictures.  I FINALLY got together with Rose and her cousin, Teagon for an amazing urban senior session!  This session was supposed to happen a few weeks before, but with schedules and weather (you know how unpredictable Illinois can be!!!) we just couldn’t make it happen.  I think its for the best though, because we got amazing weather for the session!! It was at least 40 and sunny….pretty much the best weather you can ask for in January in Northern Illinois!

I’ve known Rose for 4 years now (I can’t believe that!!!) and she is so special to me!  More than just how talented she is, Rose is one of the kindest souls and is alway ready to lend a helping hand.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know her throughout the last 4 years and will miss her terribly when she leaves for college!!

When Rose mentioned that she wanted to bring along her cousin, Teagon I knew we were in for a fun day.  Teagon is so funny and easy going!  Between walking around downtown Libertyville, hanging out in a super cute coffee shop (thanks Hansa for letting us take pictures!!) and finding some great side streets, it was more than I could have asked for.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!UrbanSenior1_0124UrbanSenior1_0125UrbanSenior1_0126UrbanSenior1_0127UrbanSenior1_0128UrbanSenior1_0129UrbanSenior1_0130UrbanSenior2_0131UrbanSenior2_0132UrbanSenior2_0133UrbanSenior2_0134UrbanSenior2_0135UrbanSenior2_0136UrbanSenior2_0137UrbanSenior2_0138UrbanSenior2_0139UrbanSenior2_0140

1 thought on “A Senior Session | Rose and Teagon”

  1. We never would have gotten such amazing pictures with anyone else. Ms. Colgan you are truly talented and I will never be able to thank you enough.


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