McIntyre Family | A Smash Cake Session

May 29, 2018

This family is so so special to me!  We’ve known them for years and I’ve been able to capture many moments for them including their maternity session, a 6th month session and now a TACO cake smash session!  This was SO FUN…seriously.  This little dude is so chill and relaxed that he made my job easy 🙂

One of the best things about the session was that I was able to put my new in home studio to use for the first time.  I had all my lighting set up, the back drop assembled; it was awesome!

I knew I wanted to do some family shots of them outdoors, and it was SO HOT (seriously, like 94 degrees out).  I promised I would get them out of the heat in about 15 minutes and they were such troopers!  We were sweating so much, but you can’t even tell by those smiles and that sweet little ones chubby cheeks.  After we headed into the studio to cool down, we got little man all set up with this fun backdrop.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the cake at first, but got more into it because daddy was right there to help.  And finally, mommy got in on some of the fun.  Overall, this session was amazing and will hold a special place in my heart!  Enjoy this cuteness!!!

Amazing cake by: Christina Marquez of Christians Cupcakes and CreationsMcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0180Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0181Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0182Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0183Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0184Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0185Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0186Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0187Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0188Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0189Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0190Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0191Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0192Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0193Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0194Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0195Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0196Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0197Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0198Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0201Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0200Mcintyre Cake Smash Blog_0199

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