Downtown Wheaton Engagement Session | Elizabeth + Keith

July 26, 2018

I’m a little behind on the blogging as summer has come through the house full force!  After my mom spending a month with us, a week in Ohio, and a short, romantic, get-a-way for Michael and I, I’ve been playing catch up!

But let’s get right to it!  I’m happy to introduce a new NC couple, Elizabeth and Keith!  I met Elizabeth at a bridal show this past January.  It was a last minute decision on my part, but turns out to be one of the best I’ve made!  I will NEVER forget the moment I met her.  She was with a few of her friends, one of her girlfriends knocked over one of my display pictures! Haha! I should add that one of the other vendors had set up a margarita machine (genius!!).  Elizabeth and I just laughed as she apologized (it was really no big deal!) but it was a great icebreaker.  I knew we would be a great fit!

In talking with them, planning their engagement session, they wanted to incorporate some urban backgrounds in addition to a more traditional garden setting.  I was excited for the challenge and we decided downtown Wheaton would be a great place to start!!  I had never photographed there and didn’t realize how many amazing spots there were!  So many nooks and interesting backgrounds.  I will definitely be going back for other sessions!

We ended the session at Cantigny Park, also another location I’ve never been too.  We got extremely lucky because as we were leaving Wheaton, we got caught by a train and sat for a good 15-20 minutes, so we were rushing on time.  We got through the gate literally as they were closing the entrance for the evening!  We got in and got some amazing shots.  I really enjoyed my time with both Keith and Elizabeth and can’t wait for their October wedding!

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