Navy + Maroon Destination Wedding | Katelyn + Evan

September 24, 2018

Love. What a simple word with huge implications.  Its amazing to me how a tiny, four letter word can sometimes hold the weight of a thousand words.  Many of us strive to find it, long for it to surround us and bring us peace.  Those of us lucky enough to find it in a partner, hope and pray that it sticks.  We hope that through love, we can conquer the most daunting situations.  I’m not sure I have ever seen love as tangible as the connection between Katelyn and Evan.  Not only in their connection to each other, but to all those that surround them, support them, celebrate them.

I met Katelyn a few years ago when I hired her to choreograph one of my musicals.  We had a pretty instant friendship and I have enjoyed getting to know her through that creative outlet.  When Katelyn got more comfortable in our friendship, I started to hear about Evan.  Listening to Katelyn talk about Evan is so much fun.  I felt like I knew Evan just from how Katelyn described them.  Outgoing, funny, full of life and joy, it was so obvious how much Katelyn loved Evan.  When Evan proposed, I remember I was on a bus with my show choir kids (kids who know Katelyn).  I screamed out “OH MY GOSH!!!” and immediately told all the students.  Needless to say, there were lots of cheers and yelling 🙂  The students love Katelyn as much as I do!

Meeting Evan for the first time during the engagement session was like meeting an old friend that I’ve known forever.  There was a comfortable bond that we all shared that made the engagement session one of my favorites ever!  You can check that out here!  After meeting Evan (and Albert, of course) I knew the wedding was going to be so special.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend, and I’m preparing to fly out for my first destination wedding, heading to Kansas and Katelyn’s hometown.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to Kansas before, but it’s pretty similar to where I grew up in Ohio.  Lots of open land, crops, farms….it felt right. Katelyn and Evan’s wedding took place at Katelyn’s childhood home.  They transformed the HUGE backyard into a fairytale wedding venue, complete with twinkling lights in the trees, a wedding canopy for the ceremony, a food truck, and Photo Booth.  It was amazing to see so many people working together to create a truly magical day.  Katelyn and Evan have so many friends and family that covered them in love throughout the process and especially on their wedding day.  I got to meet some new friends, including the videographer team from Kingmon Creative, who flew out from Seattle, WA.  They are friends of Katelyn and Evan’s as well, so having a media team that knew them personally really made this day even more special.

That brings me back to that tiny, four letter word.  Love.  With Katelyn and Evan, its tangible.  Its a connection that can’t be explained, but is so overwhelmingly present.  I am beyond lucky that I was able to be a part of this day.  It will forever live in my heart as one of my favorite weddings.  Katelyn and Evan, thank you for living your truth.  Thank you for allowing us to witness your love.  I wish you all the best!!!

Love is love is love is love is love.

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