A Navy and Blush Wedding | Mitch + Kelly

April 14, 2019

Oh my.  How do I even begin to write a blog about this amazing couple?  It was one of those days that I feel I can’t quite do it justice…like the words I use won’t be enough to express how truly special Kelly and Mitch are.  I met Kelly a little over a year ago at a bridal show.  It was my first one (and actually my only one!) and when she stopped by my booth, I could tell there was an instant connection!  Over the next couple weeks we met for coffee to chat about what I could offer, talked about albums, packages, and answered questions.  One of the things I noticed about Kelly and I is that we both have strong Type A personalities.  We are detailed driven, schedule/list making, 50 backup plan, kind of women.  Kelly came to each of our meetings with a wedding notebook, divided and color coded with all her vendors and any wedding information I could ever need.  It was AMAZING, because I get it.  This is basically how I live my life and I knew Kelly and I would make the perfect team (hint: I was right!).

In the months leading up to their wedding, we scheduled time for their engagement session. Kelly and Mitch met at Purdue University and wanted to take their engagement pictures on campus.  I was SO excited to travel to them for this special session, and we had a BLAST! (You can check their engagement session out here)  Again, after spending time with them, I knew their wedding was going to be one for the books.

A couple weeks before their wedding, I had the opportunity to meet Kelly and her mom at Noah’s Events in Lincolnshire, where the reception would take place.  I’ve never photographed a wedding in this location and I loved being able to scope out the venue before the big day.  It was so nice that Noah’s was able to accommodate us ahead of time so that Kelly and I could cover additional details before the big day.

When the big day arrived, my second shooter, Allison and I decided to head over to the area a little early because it had rained the night prior and I wanted to make sure the location we chose for pictures wasn’t a muddy mess.  After we decided that location wasn’t going to work, we went to another 2 locations to make sure we could get the BEST pictures possible, while also not ruining the wedding or bridesmaids dresses!  I’m so thankful that Kelly was open to a last minute change and that she trusted me enough to make that call.  But this is who Kelly is.  She is one of the absolute sweetest people I have ever met.  She the person who sends me an email when I’m entering a crazy busy month with back to back weekends of weddings and wishes me luck.  She’s the person who brings 2 cookie cakes to her own wedding to celebrate her future sister in law’s birthday, and her future mother and father in law’s anniversary. She’s the person who after her own daddy/daughter dance, found me on the side, gave me a huge hug and wanted to make sure I was okay.  She knew my dad had passed away last year and on HER big day, she was checking on me.  Kelly is the type of woman I pray my daughters become.  Kind, Encouraging, God-centered.  There were so many moments throughout the day that she showed such grace, kindness, and trust.

Mitch and Kelly are a couple that exemplifies true love.  You can see it in the way they look at each other, the way the laugh with each other, the way they pray together.  It was an honor to be invited into this family dynamic.  Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart for an absolutely amazing day.

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