The Haight Elgin Wedding | Kara + Gabe

November 1, 2019

Sometimes photographers are lucky enough to get to know their clients so well that they become friends. I can honestly say that Kara and Gabe are those clients for me! I have absolutely loved getting to know Kara throughout her engagement to Gabe and have been looking forward to their wedding for a while.

I will admit I was a little nervous heading into their wedding day because the forecast was calling for rain ALL DAY. When I spoke to Kara the morning of her wedding, she was so calm. The weather didn’t bother her one bit and she was willing to just go with the flow. The weather indeed did not cooperate and even though we were supposed to head to a nearby park for pictures, we decided to stay at the Haight and get everything done. This venue is INCREDIBLE. It is one of the most unique wedding venues I’ve had the pleasure of working with and the staff was amazing. They have this gorgeous outdoor (covered!) patio that saved us for pictures! We were still able to get beautiful, natural light pictures outside and you can barely even tell it’s raining! Kara even had the cutest idea to collect rain water in a mason jar so they can preserve it for an ornament! How adorable is that? Even through all the rain, Kara and Gabe remained relaxed and we had an amazing day.

Seeing Kara and Gabe surrounded by their loved ones was so fun to watch. Their friends and family literally circled around them as they did their first dance. As I talked with the guests, each of them had such sweet words to share about the two of them and their love for each other. The theme and words that were continuously used were soulmates, kindest people you’ll meet, love-able, loyal and funny!

The BEST part about the wedding was their PUPPY. That’s right. Kara and Gabe adopted the cutest golden retrieve name Maui and the breeders agreed to bring this little smoosh to the wedding so they could take pictures. I had so much fun loving on that little nugget and I hope you love his pictures (and all of them). He was ridiculously adorable and now I kinda want one of my own!

I hope everyone enjoys this stroll down memory lane of Kara and Gabe’s wedding!

Thank you to these amazing vendors!

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